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My healing journey has taken me on unexpected paths and filled with discomfort. It continues every day as I am learning how to cultivate my peace.

Join me as I discover how to find my power through the pain and learn to love and know myself.

A girlfriend asked a blunt question that opened up a mental Pandora's’ box I have been uncovering about the darker sides of myself since.


The pain was real and staring me in the face to once again threaten to take my power.

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It hurts to heal because to truly heal something you have to determine the cause of the pain to start with.

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Suddenly you have to learn to navigate a new you and unfamiliar world while saying goodbye to the person you once were.

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“Do not feel lonely, the entire universe is inside you.” ― Rumi


I was lonely for a while, but now I am alone. That transition was not easy and required some discomfort and mind shifts.

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Falling into trust is a difficult practice because it has to happen repeatedly and must be proven many times with consistent behaviors.


There are some fundamental things we have to let go of to find peace in our lives, but they are also contradictory to what we know.

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I won in the sense of I had the courage and wherewithal to walk away finally after seventeen years. Still, I lost those seventeen years.


If I was a superhero my cape would be blue and I would be rocking a silver “R” for resilience because that is my superpower. Resilience is the way I have made it through hard times and not only survived but thrived and stood tall through it all.

There is a phenomenon that happens in the lives of girls, as they get older their light dims.

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I think every woman and man needs to know about the dissolution of a marriage is that nothing happens in one day, or even in one month or year. There are a million moments of jagged words, lost opportunities for effort, and hurt. It all adds up over time. 


“Remembering who you are is how you take your power back”. I have been ruminating on the power and role of this line in so many aspects of my life. It resonates with me at the most unexpected moments and is similar to the metamorphosis and transition from married life to being an individual again.


Feeling incapable of making a decision because the elements that encompass it all are daunting and overwhelm my thought process, leading me to paralysis. That paralyzing feeds into questioning my own assessment, intuition and knowledge in the moment.


Know your worth. All the books, blogs and memes tote the importance of valuing yourself and not putting up with less than you deserve. I have been tossing this idea around since I left my husband. How do I get to a point where I appreciate myself enough that I never lose my dignity and worth?

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