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  • Marya Kazmi


Leaves no trace or scent

Manipulation of words

Stealing autonomy of moments

Playing judge and jury

Twisting an argument until

Rational thought is buried between accusations and red herrings

Policing tone, sudden movements and the depth of breaths taken

Paralyzed in fear of the next move

Cautious to not shatter the momentary silence

He has won the war and the spoils

Left standing in a pool of confusion

Victim and target

Riddled with holes from continuous stabs and jabs

Leaving no trace

Internal scars carved

A destroyed soul is a homeless body

The battle wages beyond the field in mind and soul

Destruction and disintegration of self

Self confidence

Self awareness

Self advocacy

Bruises of narcissism painful to the touch,

Invisible to the world

Reclaim and reframe

Clear the fog

The pain is a badge of honor

Lessons carved into the soul

Scratched and wounded but not broken

Veering from the original trajectory

Persevering with faults and fowls

Living so loud the earth can’t contain the sound

Emotions and thoughts handled with care

Healing the wounds of the spirit

Freedom from a prison of the mind


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