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  • Marya Kazmi

Part 14: Lessons from a Trip Around the Sun

I am only one day away from closing out my 44th year of life and walking into my 45th. The last few lessons I have taken away have been my grounding when I could have been struck down by unexpected moments this year. But the truth is this mindset pulled me out of dark places, and reminded me not to sit too long in the sadness I was feeling.

Lesson #14: The universe has got me and everything that's meant for me will come to me.

A daily affirmation I have to remind myself of this lesson is "The universe is conspiring for my highest good" The reality of this one is that there will be road blocks and challenges along the way to all my destinations in life. In fact this week alone, as I planned for a celebration to honor my birthday, a full year of my podcast and one year of being officially divorced, there were all types of moments where it seemed the universe was testing me and my resolve. Had I not had internalized this message, my reaction would have been much less calm.

Each time I met a roadblock in plans, cost or support in the process I saw it as an opportunity to have faith that if I truly believe in the highest powers watching over me and that the good I put out will come back to me, it will all work out. I also have to accept that nothing will be perfect, but it will be special.

I understand this now because that is what has always happened. But it's not just a Marya lesson, it's something that can happen for anyone if you believe that your mind has the power to create your reality. If you look back on your life, like I have been for the past 4 years of this healing journey, you will see that you made it past every bad day and you overcome each challenge and you are still standing. Sometimes with bruises and bumps from the journey but those are also badges of honor in resilience and lessons that we can take away and apply to the future.

So, the universe has got me and it's also got you if you believe. And anything that is meant for me will find it's way towards me. I do not have to chase it or fight for it. I simply have to lean into my knowing and have faith that it happens and always has.

So tonight as I prepare for a soiree and a beautiful night I cultivated with people I love, I know that no matter what does or does not happen, the universe has me and it will all be for my highest good.


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