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  • Marya Kazmi

Part 8-10 Lessons from a Trip Around the Sun

Lesson #8 Energy does not lie

Lesson #9 I trust myself

Lesson #10 Life is about the ebbs and flows

Lesson #8 Energy does not lie

Energy absolutely does not lie. If you take the time to listen and observe, you can see a lot more about someone than what they tell you. I have learned this year to gauge where I put my effort and time into through reading and assessing the energy around me.

It’s not some magical skill I have, but rather it’s the time and patience I have gained to be discerning. Energy is not only about the other person, my body and emotions react accordingly to the energy around me. I get tense and anxious and can feel my body become more rigid when I am around unsettling energy. My body tells me who is for me, who is a passerby in my life and who is someone to stay clear of.

I am heightened in this awareness, because there were too many times where I felt those exact things, but brushed them off as my over analyzing or a discomfort that I needed to push aside and move through. When in fact I was being given clear messages that something was off in the person or moment at that time. Energy doesn’t lie, we just have to trust ourselves enough to know when we are sensing something, that it’s most likely for a reason.

This comes into romantic, platonic and professional interactions and has truthfully guided me to find my soul tribe while also steering me away from people that would have caused me harm had I ignored the signals I was getting internally to move away.

It hasn’t been full proof and it took some big disappointments and heartbreak to center myself again and recognize the power I held to create the environment I want to exist in. But once I did, I was able to see that energy doesn’t lie and I trust my intuition to discern whose energy is meant to be in my life and space. Some folks are going to be blessings that have a place and others a lesson for me to pass by.


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