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  • Marya Kazmi

Wild Horses

The constructs of love and relationships are illusions of grandeur

Containment and achievement has us hooked

Blindly believing we are meant to be tied to others

There is comfort in connection

Home found in safety and trust

I believed in it once

Love would anchor me

Holding me safely giving grounding

I would exist without flailing

Existing isn’t thriving

If tethered to the ground you cannot fly

Soaring beyond in the adventures of life isn’t birthed in traditions

Relationships can be shackles that bound into stagnation

People are fleeting

Nothing stays the same

Growth is inevitable

Countering the narrative I have been fed

I will not venture a planned path

Curating expectations of women and motherhood

I am a wild horse roaming freely

Running towards my wants and from the limits

My spirit is too intense and expansive to be measured and choked

Interrupting the status quo

Jumping before looking

Reaching to depths unseen

My heart finds peace in uncertainty and possibility

Leaping into the unknown

eyes wide open hands poised to receive

The universe will hold and cradle my soul

Love is within and shared through

I am not meant to be the story you created

Not destined to be caged in restrictions of labels and roles

The world will watch as I

Roam, leap, discover and create magic

Carrying home within my words and movements

Lifting and connecting my souls tribes

No longer adhering to titles and societies plan

Wild horses are not to be tamed or housed

Constructs are meant to be dismantled


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