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Culture & Identity

As a daughter of immigrants from Bangladesh and Pakistan raised in a Muslim home, culture and identity is something I navigate everyday and in each decision I make in life.

Learn more about my journey as a Brown girl. 

Home is not a location it is a sense of belonging. Any place I find community and peace can become home for me.

No place like home.jpg

My journey to being this Brown Girl in the current moment has been an awakening of my soul. What I always felt was a lack of belonging as an irregular puzzle piece in a world that never fully had a space for me to just be.]

Awakening waymaker_edited.jpg

"I am Brown to White people and White to Brown people" Brown people might call me White, but White society sees me as a brown foreigner.


Desi is a catch-all term used by many South Asians. It means “from the land of”, but for me, it’s always been a way to say “brown like me".


Sometimes I come face to face with the reality that as a first-generation immigrant, my cultural grounding is still an enigma to me. When balancing two worlds, it’s difficult to know which one I truly stand in authentically.

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