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Writing has been my way to find myself, heal and begin to chart a new path on this exploration of discovery. I still don't quite know what needs to be sacrificed and found to get to a sense of peace and I am constantly making mistakes and reflecting along the way.


This is a space where I get to shake it up, share my journey, and possibly have some other brown girls or people who know these same struggles, see life from a new vantage point. I am a brown girl interrupting the status quo of whom I am supposed to be, to share and flush out who I actually am in its entirety of flaws and missteps.    


“In a world that wants you to whisper, yell.”  --Luvve Ajayi

Unapologetically I will be yelling and screaming about the good, the bad, and the ugly that is this  Brown Girl Interrupting.

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