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I have spent a lot of time thinking and analyzing the way women and men interact in relationships. Discover how I have simplified the complexities of these dynamics.

I have been approached by women and men who are at a crossroads in their own marriages and looking for answers to determine their next move.


Now I know, I was the right package showing up at the wrong doors.


The question is why do certain women require this level of strength rather than falling into the softness of being feminine?

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How do you know something is the real deal and not just another test to mark off a check along the journey to lasting love?

Lately what I have learned about myself in relationships and love has come from watching and observing my children.


I am one more year into dating and figuring out the nuances and complexities of what that has meant for me.

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Understanding how we want to be loved connects to what that feeling provides for us to fulfill our most basic human needs.

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When it comes to matters of the heart and trusting someone with your emotions in a romantic way, it’s not just important it is critical.

“I am still unlearning the act of setting myself on fire to be light for men who cannot see mine”

Maria Elias A few days ago my girlfriend shared a statement that caught me off guard but also captured my pattern. “You are masterful at minimizing yourself for the comfort of others.”

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Every relationship is supposed to teach us about ourselves and the dynamics between people. 

I started to think about this in terms of what we give up and when we give in.

To a teenage girl waiting to exhale just meant the man isn’t going to cheat on me. The reality is life happened while I made those plans and even though I found that requirement, I have never been able to exhale with a man. Instead I spent 20 years holding my breath in a perpetual paused state.


How we define words and make meaning of them can mean that we value the same things in a relationship or that we are having parallel conversations and living lives that never intersect.


Chivalry’s not dead, compliments go a long way, and consistency is the key to it all.


Dating “grown (ish) men as a grown-ass woman is a whole other beast.

Luckily I wasn’t embarking on the journey alone. My coworker and I were walking into this mishap filled adventure together.

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