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  • Marya Kazmi


I crave the release of my soul and body

The kiss that curls my toes

Lips penetrating the depths of emotions

rhythmically our tongues find each other

as home and passion collide

Deepening the connection, igniting the senses

I crave the touch of hands cradling the small of my back

Pulling me in skin to skin, heart beats synced

Kisses and nibbles along the necks nape

Bodies writhing in anticipation

I crave the release of my control and the power of his

Strong arms swiftly lifting all of me

Bare legs wrapped tightening the grip around his back

Bodies bend, twist, lifting and thrust

Power is his, open to my recieval

Hands exploring the bodies treasures

Finding the curves and bends in my silhouette

Framing the soul

Tasting touching teasing

Wake up the fire between my legs

I crave the rhythmic movement that fits like a glove

Ecstasy of ascendance and minds intertwined in familiarity

Not knowing where one of us begins and the other ends

Pleasure with mouths, hands and all the hardest parts

My warm home housing you squeezing and releasing

Clasping hands holding on as the movements take us beyond the moment

Claim me, Shout my name, take the reigns and make this yours

Moving into the mount and ride to completion

Losing myself to the carnal explosions of pleasure

Still waiting to wet my appetite once more

This kind of hunger is relentless and insatiable

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24 de jun. de 2022


Marya Kazmi
Marya Kazmi
30 de jun. de 2022
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